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Use the link below to shop online at some of my favorite stores via my Big N home page.  Click the Big N Marketplace button on the left side to find a directory of stores, then click the store name and link directly to that store.  Please return to this directory each time you shop.  The Big N home page has other informative links, also.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Big N Marketplace

For your shopping convenience, I have developed an online Avon site.  Shop for your favorite Avon products or try out something new with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Interested in learning more about writing for publication?  Don't want to leave home to take classes?  Use the link below to learn more about an AWESOME online conference that will allow you the privilige of both!

Muse Online Writer's conference 2007

The following link takes you to a PDF file set up by Neil Gaiman to arrange for the disposition of your artistic and intellectual endeavors along with your physical property, prior to your death.  I received it from a member of a writing group connected with ETreasures Publishing, and felt like it should be passed on.  Please check it out, then consult with your attorney.   As it states in the Bible, all we can do is be prepared.  We have no way to know when tomorrow will be too late.  We must be ready for our own death and His coming at any time, for only He knows when those times will be.

Neil Gaiman's PDF file.

Future publisher?

Future publisher?

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