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What would you like to know?

A Texas native by birth, I have lived in Texas and in California as well as Missouri.  To say which is my favorite would be difficult, as they each are special to me in different ways.  Honestly, though, beaches are in my blood having cut my vacation teeth on Texas' Galveston Island, years back when it consisted of only a few hotels and a boardwalk to the beach.  Ahhhhh, the good 'ole days....If I could choose any place to be, it very well might be an oceanside beach in Mexico....

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Taking a break from work could include a trip to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

The perfect job includes the flexibility to take off of work whenever you desire and the financial ability to go wherever you wish to. 


My all-time favorite books are children's illustrated story books with realistic pictures.  Other favorite books include dramatic life stories and various types of nonfiction.   
Favorite movies include almost any type of drama, musical dance, or animal films. 

Favorite music includes country, pop, and soft rock, as well as Yanni and Jim Brickman instrumentals.  Music must be soothing to the soul; otherwise, I don't listen.
Favorite scenes include sunrises, sunsets, beaches and palm trees.  A combination of all is icing on my cake!!  Which reminds birthday is coming up!! 

Children's Books and Nonfiction