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These are stories in progress, being written  specifically for special people in my life.

Dolphin looking out of water
Dolphin Daydreams

For Morgan

A fictional story of a young girl's dreams and her struggle to achieve them, inspired by my niece's love for dolphins when she was young.

New Stories in the Works

Unexpected Mortality:  A Mourning Family's Reveries

An encounter with unexpected death as experienced by a fictional family, inspired by and in memory of the dying, with gratitude to their families for the memories we shared in the midst of grief.

Keep looking for more great stories in progress!
Eye Glasses, Spinning

Stories for Special People

In Progress pieces being created especially for people who are special to me will be posted here and updated as progress continues.

How to unlock Sandra Sue?

For children and families suffering from selective mutism.  May the children find hope and healing while the parents find support.

"The Treasure Unlocked" is the fictionalized account of a child who suffered from what is now known as selective mutism.  Based on a true story, it is my hope that families will find empathy for painfully shy children while grasping the concepts of emotional abuse and selective mutism.

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