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Seasonal Pieces from my Heart to Yours.... 

September 12, 2007




(Published  in Long Story Short's December, 2007 issue.  Visit today.)


Eager anticipation of

Christmas Eve treats

Christmas Day surprises

And magnificent feasts

Keep bright youthful faces

Wondering with glee,

What, oh what, will

Santa bring to me?


Bobby thinks a truck

Or car would be nice.

Susie feels a new doll

With clothes would suffice.

Both agree peppermint

Sticks are a must--

With fruit and nuts

Their socks will bust!


This Christmas, though,

Some may need more.

Leave me off your list

If their blessings must pour.


I have what I need–

Family, friends, love.

These things I claim

From my God above.

But, Santa, one

Thing I do lack.

Perchance, could a husband

Sneak into your sack?




March 1, 2007
Tater Tornado
An Easter story with a surprising twist.  Visit the "Short Story" page to read it in its entirety.  Susan

February 13, 2007

Colours of A Mother's World


Spectral shades endlessly

Entwine in never-ending circles

That mark the passage of time.


Brilliance dawns.

Pink-swathed daughter

Amidst two sons

Wrapped with blue,

Eternal joys to buffer trials.

Sun sets as night falls.


Sunrise tiptoes in.

Grandson arrives!

Wedding garb of

White, black, and robin's egg blue,

Guests in multiple summer-time hues,

Park gazebo yields

Granddaughter bonus,

Grandma's enjoyment!

Son wed, glow of time

Slips past at close of day.

Shades of persimmon

Meld into lemon with

Traces of strawberry
Icing the sky.

Pinks and purples herald

New baby granddaughter!

New shirts, denim and

Exchange of rings.

No guests but

Daughter married.

ROSEATE pink colors my world, BRINGS

Two more granddaughters by marriage

‘Til cerulean invades.

Day slinks away, beds down as

Morn awakes.

Rising suns, EARTH’S flaming orbs’








Chaos reigns.



TO THE rainbow???





April 1, 2007


What's it like over there?
No more stones to bar your way or
Jeering crowds to taunt you all day.

Opulent luxury
Clouds of silk
Chariots of gilt?

Family and friends together as one.
Gestures of love interwoven above
Reminders sent down as butterflies and doves?

Pearlescent shimmers
Glitzy glimmers
Peaceful blessings.

Admission to Your Heavenly Home?  Believers who follow in Your wake, granted passage at the pearly gates.





January 20, 2007


The spectrum shade reflected in the new car I can’t afford

Velvet and satin favored dress on holidays of high emotion

Anger red as blood, arose to spew via agonized vessels

To absorb oxygen and sap strength from tired days.

As calendar days advanced Red returned in undeserved

Expressions of love, brought anguish and kindled rage anew.

The flow of days yielded welcome ebb of emotion ‘til disrupted

Cupid’s sudden arrow pierce instilled deep feelings once again.

Unbidden, magic charmed my soul and mellowed heart;

Love bloomed, penetrated my psyche with warmth and nearness.

Red, the color of love, reflected on plush shiny petals of heady scent,

The dozen stems lent meaning to life once dismal.

Each universal message affixed rosy blush to stain

Embarrassed cheeks as mistaken concepts laid to rest

No need for apology; my heart swelled in praise for the giver

As new car thoughts awaited a season of fortune yet to arrive.

Enraptured by the moment I wore my favored dress of love

Enjoyed gratitude for simple things and gave thanks that

Love conquers all as it sees beyond anger.


For Matthew

November 23, 2006

(Published December, 2007 by Long Story Short Ezine.  Visit them at today and click on "Archives" to read.  Also submitted to Sikeston Standard Democrat November, 2006, but no notification ever received as to whether it was published.)

All parents have moments when they are proud of their children. The most magnificent memories emerge when children reveal the development of adult thinking processes in the performance of an unexpected, marvelous action of selflessness to please another. My most magnificent holiday season occurred at the end of 1994.

My oldest son was 13 years old. He had listened for several weeks as I fretted about the upcoming holidays after our stove ceased to function overnight. With Thanksgiving just days away, he learned of a stove being stored by his friend’s family and asked if we could use it. The icing on the cake was when they delivered it to our door and told us we could have it!

His friend’s father planned to return later to wire an outlet for it (our old stove had been gas), but, due to a schedule change at work, he was unable to do so. The children and I were forced to resign ourselves to having our Thanksgiving dinner after Thanksgiving.

Imagine my surprise when I returned home from work early Thanksgiving afternoon with the delicious smell of roasting turkey greeting my nostrils! My son rewired the plug himself based on knowledge gained from discussions with his Big Brother when we lived in the city! He then read the cooking instructions and surprised me with a perfectly browned, juicy, tasty turkey.

In that one random act of kindness, without knowing, he repaid the kindness of an entire unknown office staff in California who had adopted my family the Christmas of 1986. As a military family preparing to move home over the holidays, I had been shopping second-hand stores to locate like-new toys to give them something to open on Christmas Eve in the hotel room. The adoption of my family meant each of my three children received two to three new toys, wrapped and ready for gifting, as well as my oldest child receiving his first bicycle, a like-new two-wheeler.

My most memorable Christmas followed Thanksgiving of 1994. Our financial difficulties had continued into December and I was only able to provide a few, handmade gifts for each child. We had no money to buy a Christmas feast and little food at all in the kitchen. My oldest son again came to the aid of the family by loaning me the money he had received from a man at our church on his birthday (also in December). He had mentioned to the man that what he would most want to receive would be a pair of new shoes. The man surprised him the following week with $50 to buy a pair of shoes. Knowing that I would be able to pay him back the following month, my son loaned his $50 to pay for a Christmas feast and other food to carry us through the month. He explained to the man at church that he would buy his shoes in January and waited patiently for the promised shopping day to arrive. The generosity of those two people created my most memorable December.

Christmas of 1986 was the most magical holiday we ever had, but the Holiday Season of 1994 will always be the most magnificent, due to the maturity exhibited by my son. Too many people do not give teenagers the credibility they deserve, but when given a chance, they are capable of changing the world one holiday at a time.


(Published December, 2007, by Long Story Short Ezine.  Visit them at and click "archives" to read.)



by Susan Garner

December 5, 2006


Borne of Mary,

Reared by Joseph,

Baby Jesus,

God's gift of Love.


Child of God,

Humble Carpenter,

Destined to lead;

His bed a manger?

A King created

By God's Design,

His life a testament,

Of love divine.

Doubters scorned,

Yet he taught

'Til crucifixion

Redemption brought.

My Christmas Prayer?

For ALL people

To believe Christ's

Message of Hope:

Peace for believers,

Sins forgiven,

God's Christmas Message

Sent from Heaven,

The Infant Holy,

God's Original Gift of P-E-A-C-E!

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